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Proudly Named a Top 10 Solar Energy Tech Service Company

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  • Driving Advances: The Future of O&M

    Built specifically to monitor and maintain your systems, Omnidian’s unique collaboration between solar experts, software experts, and data scientists is an industry first. Our advancements in asset monitoring, diagnostics, and remediation enable us to provide the best post-installation support to solar retailers.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Multi-phase analytics and proprietary machine learning models that can detect, diagnose, and prioritise the important issues while cutting through all the noise. Our technology can detect hardware, communication, and environmental issues such as soiling and shading, including the individual impact of multiple issues.

  • 24/7, Fast, and Robust

    Our technology platform monitors your system(s) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The platform processes every data point as it arrives, executing our entire suite of analytics within seconds. Finally, it has a fault tolerant design that detects network and machine hiccups (common in the IoT space) and then automatically and gracefully recovers.

  • Private and Secure

    We care about your privacy and will never share or sell your data to third-parties. Our software and internal processes are designed to keep your data private and secure, all developed under an internationally recognised information security and cybersecurity program.

  • Turning Data into Intelligence

    Our data covers hundreds of thousands of assets across the US and Australia, and gives us unprecedented visibility into the factors that impact long-term system performance (including module manufacturer and micro-climates). We understand and can quantify system and fleet performance, with energy waterfalls and comparisons between actual energy, weather-adjusted energy, and pro-forma budget models.

Data Science Whitepaper

Omnidian’s unique collaboration between solar experts, software engineers, and data scientists across commercial and residential solar power assets in the U.S. and Australia has resulted in significant advances in monitoring, diagnostics and remediation of solar assets, enabling us to provide the best post-installation support to our clients.

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